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  1. Shino WIP

    Wow, these animations are pretty darn sick.
  2. Rasenshuriken

    Looks awesome. Who did the spriting?
  3. Titles

    I think we should be able to purchase forum titles with points. For example : Member - 0 Points Hokage - 100 Points Assassin's Apprentice - 200 Points etc.
  4. There are some forum categories I can post in, such as this and the Beta Testing category. However, I can't post in "General Discussion" and "Suggestions". Is there a post-minimum requirement?
  5. RockSauron Application

    So you're not interested in working as a beta tester anymore?
  6. Hey guys!

    Thanks! Thank you.
  7. RAWK

    Welcome to the community! Remember to have a lovely stay.
  8. Introducing Myself

    Welcome to the community (created by yourself)
  9. Zeno Application

    I have a tablet, so I'll be able to test with that. It's a Nexus 7 tablet I think and it's running a recent version.
  10. NokkiPL application

    Good luck to ya.
  11. Welcome to Ninja Fighter Online!

    Keep up the good work, loving the art style here.
  12. Nyuderu Reporting In

    I will report any errors or bugs to you and I would love to see improvements on the game and forum. I'm actually pretty happy to be an early member of the community.
  13. Hey guys!

    Well, I'm Zeno. It's nice to meet you all. I can't wait for the release of this game, and I hope you guys are as excited as me. I'm really excited, so probably not. Thanks!
  14. Playable Characters

    That's cool! Please also add unique characters that you've created.