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  1. RockSauron Application

    Eh I'm not saying you can't do that I'm just explaining why I'm not interested anymore
  2. RockSauron Application

    Hm idk I want a Naruto fan game but I just don't really see the point of another fighter considering we already have a ton of those along with the fact that the base gameplay just looks wonky for a 1 vs 1 fighter.!so I honestly don't know if I will bother doing much actually. Sorry.
  3. RockSauron Application

    It's an iphone 5... s I want to say? Not going to jailbreak itthough.
  4. Welcome to Ninja Fighter Online!

    Sooooooooo kinda confused as to what this game is? Gameplay wise? Like a four player fighter or what? I see single player mode. I'm guessing just a gauntlet of battles against AI? I would personally love a story mode covering the entirety of the Naruto manga but that wouldn't happen
  5. Playable Characters

    Makes sense to start with Team 7 No please, this is a Naruto fangame I want to play as Naruto characters ;-;
  6. RockSauron Application

    1. How old are you? 22 2. Are you male or female? male 3. What country are you from? USA 4. What platforms can you test on? Windows, Iphone 5. Who is your favorite ninja? Uhhhhhhhhh... I guess Naruto 6. What is the last game you played? Gravity Rush 7. Have you participated in a game beta before? Yesh 8. How did you hear about Ninja Fighter Online? I googled "Naruto unity 3d" and actually found that someone was making a fangame for it. 9. Do you have Skype? not on it much but I do have it and would go on it if you want me to.
  7. RAWK

    Oh hi, I have been wanting a Naruto fangame for some time so here I am. I'm the weirdo who actually googles "naruto fangame", "naruto rpg maker", and "naruto unity 3d" every so often to see if anyone is making something (googling the third one is how I found the unity thread and thus this game) Kinda unsure what this game is as of yet but hey, might as well make myself known. I got into Naruto late in 2012, and caught up to the anime during after the Pakura war arc filler and then read the remaining 60 chapters in a day to get caught up to 608 (Kakashi's resolve) and have been following the series thoroughly ever since. Nothing really quite grabs me like Naruto did. So I want a fangame I can help build by my wacky ideas. So hiya.