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  1. form

    1. How old are you? 21yrs old 2. Are you male or female? male 3. What country are you from? philippines 4. What platforms can you test on? nothing right now. 5. Who is your favorite ninja? kakashi i love this character. 6. What is the last game you played? knight age online. 7. Have you participated in a game beta before? Yes. 8. How did you hear about Ninja Fighter Online? i heard this game is awsome so thats why i realy wan't to try this game if true. 9. Do you have Skype nothing.
  2. Welcome to Ninja Fighter Online!

    i'd already apply to the furom..
  3. Playable Characters

  4. Playable Characters

    is this customazable character in every lvl?
  5. Welcome to Ninja Fighter Online!

    how to download this game?